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Why Copying Your Competitors Is The Wrong Tactic

How many times have you seen a sports brand copy their competitor, to only perform worse because of it?

There is much debate online over whether someone should copy what a competitor is doing, if they are doing it well. I wanted to share my opinion on this, and why copying your competitor is the wrong strategy.

Here are five things to consider.

You will only do as well as them... not better

Copying what someone else is doing, will only result as you doing as well as them. In doing this, you’ll be discounting your own new, and innovative ideas to copy something that actually might not be what your audience (and theirs) truly wants.

Different DNA

Every person, influencer and business is completely unique. Whilst you may be competitors in the same industry, market or online space, that’s probably all that makes you similar.

Your audiences are different, they way they interact with you will be different and the tone of voice you have online will be unique to you. Consider those things your advantage, and avoid copying another business just because their genetic makeup is something worth fangirling over.

Say goodbye to individuality

Copying another idea, business or influencer will only result in negative mentions about you online. On YouTube, you see a lot of copying, but this is slightly different. Someone will create a trend, or challenge which other YouTubers will do because it's relevant and trending.

Yes, the concept has been copied, but the way they do it is unique, and is where their individuality comes into play.

You don’t know what is working for them

You could probably hazard a guess, but the real truth behind the reason why something works is down to a large number of different factors.

Sometimes, it might seem like a campaign, idea, or strategy is successful but unless you have analysed every single part of it, you really can’t be sure and this is something you will not have access to unless you have a relationship with whom you are copying.

Who are they copying?

If you’re considering copying someone because it seems as though they have been successful ask yourself this. Who have they copied? Maybe no one. Maybe one of their competitors, and if so; their success needs to be brought into question too.

There is a big difference between copying, and analysing what your competitors are doing.

Think about the tools you could use to help analyse what your competitors are doing so that you can actually understand what is working for them whilst still staying unique, and true to your individuality.

Something I always say is “inspiration over plagiarism”.


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