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Vettel Takes Pole Position At The Canadian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel has taken pole position ahead of Bottas and Verstappen.

The qualifying alone this week was much more interesting than the race in Monaco.

Roman Grosjean came out of the pits and the back of his car was producing a huge smoke cloud behind him. Because he did not make it past the white line, his engineers were allowed to pull the car back to the garage but that was all they could do, and he will start the race at the back of the grid. Karma for hitting a groundhog in practice? Maybe.

What an interesting start to qualifying!

The first driver to record a time in qualifying was Magnussen. He put in a 1:14.236. This was soon followed by the rest of the field. With 10 minutes of Q1 left, Vettel had the fastest lap with a 1:11.824.

Unfortunately for Ericsson, he was the first casualty of the race. He drove against the wall, and was unable to put in a decent enough time before that to give his team enough time to potentially fix his car before Q2.

With 3 minutes of Q1 remaining, Vettel put in an even faster lap to lead the pack with a 1:11.710 followed closely behind Raikkonen and Bottas.

Exiting Q1: Grosjean, Sirotkin, Gasly, Ericsson and Stroll.

Kimi Raikkonen enters Q2 on the ultra soft. If he performs his fastest lap on this tyre in Q2, this is the tyre he will start the race on. Following Raikkonen out to put in a lap was Hamilton and Bottas. With 9 minutes remaining, Bottas is leading with a 1:11.514 followed closely by both Ferraris.

On Hypersofts, Verstappen records the fastest time in Q2 with a 1:11.400 at around the 8 minute mark. Alonso really struggled in qualifying. He only just made it into Q2, but that was as far as he could go. It was very close around the drop zone with just a tenth between Hulkenberg and Magnussen.

An unhappy Vettel made his voice known over the radio as his racing lap was ruined by drivers ahead of him tactically trying to create a gap so they had more racing space.

Exiting Q2: Vandoorne, Leclerc, Alonso, Magnussen and Hartley.

Q3, and Hamilton came out with a very quick lap. This was soon improved upon by his teammate; Bottas. Less than 60 seconds later, and Vettel executes a flying lap, with a record time of 1:10.776.

With 2 minutes to go, Vettel was still leading the pack, followed by Bottas and Raikkonen. Not much happened apart from Vettel extending his lead, and Verstappen taking third on the grid.

Here are the grid positions for tomorrow's race.

#1: Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari - 1:10.764

#2: Valtteri Bottas - Mercedes - 1:10.857

#3: Max Verstappen - Red Bull/Renault - 1:10.937

#4: Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes - 1:10.996

#5: Kimi Raikkonen - Ferrari - 1:11.095

#6: Daniel Ricciardo - Red Bull/Renault - 1:11.116

#7: Nico Hulkenberg - Renault - 1:11.973

#8: Esteban Ocon - Force India/Mercedes - 1:12.084

#9: Carlos Sainz - Renault - 1:12.168

#10: Sergio Perez - Force India/Mercedes - 1:12.671

#11: Kevin Magnussen - Haas/Ferrari - 1:12.606

#12: Brendon Hartley - Toro Rosso/Honda - 1:12.635

#13: Charles Leclerc - Sauber/Ferrari - 1:12.661

#14: Fernando Alonso - McLaren/Renault - 1:12.856

#15: Stoffel Vandoorne - McLaren/Renault - 1:12.865

#16: Pierre Gasly - Toro Rosso/Honda - 1:13.047

#17: Lance Stroll - Williams/Mercedes - 1:13.590

#18: Sergey Sirotkin - Williams/Mercedes - 1:13.643

#19: Marcus Ericsson - Sauber/Ferrari - 1:14.593

#20: Romain Grosjean - Haas/Ferrari - NO TIME

I will be watching the race on Sky Sports tomorrow from 7pm.


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