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FA Partners with RadiumOne For Digital Exposure

Improving engagement with customers online while adding value to commercial partnerships is exactly what FA have sought out to achieve by partnering up with RadiumOne.

RadiumOne builds intelligent software that automates media buying, making big data actionable for marketers and connects them to their next customer. RadiumOne generates first-party data about actual customers -- from their behaviors, actions and interests demonstrated across the web and mobile.

First-party data allows them to create accurate, transparent and scaled audiences for marketers so they can execute precise targeting and bid valuation to identify customers that are in-market for products, putting the power back into the marketers' hands.

Abeed Janmohamed, Commercial Director Europe, RadiumOne said the following;

“The creation of The FA’s digital activations ensures year round targeted activity for its partners. Using our technology, The FA can offer its commercial partners digital activation on a global scale, providing new value to both parties.”

The FA has a very active online audience with over 3 million Facebook likes, close to 800,000 Twitter followers, 38,827 YouTube subscribers and 5,710 followers on Google+ along with over 18 million website visitors.

Using RadiumOne technology will allow the FA to process huge amounts of data (interactions) to provide insight and understanding into what content will drive the most engagement and reaction with users. Doing this will give the FA real-time understanding around what their audience is looking for. They will also now be able to deliver partner branded content in a relevant way.

Rob Ray, Director of Digital at The FA added;

“Conversations are occurring across multiple channels and to ensure our content stays relevant to fans we must evolve how we communicate online. This partnership ensures we’ve created a platform that lets us understand and target our digital audience, meaning we enhance the relevance of our content that maximises fan engagement and as a result increases The FA partners’ exposure.”

With over 20 million engaged football fans on the internet, this partnership will significantly increase value through not only web, but also mobile. FA are ahead of the game teaming up with RadiumOne way before other sporting associations see the benefits of data analysing. Stay tuned for other associations following suit.


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