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Babolat Play Pure Drive - The Next Generation Tennis Racquet

Babolat is one of the most well known Tennis Racquet brands in the world with the likes of Rafael Nadal, Jo Wilfried Tsonga and Li Na using the French brand.

Babolat was first focused solely on strings back in 1875, designing the first sting made of pure natural gut. In 1994 Babolat became a total Tennis company, adding racquets to their product inventory.

When I first heard about Babolat PLAY, I had to show my best friend who was staying with me at the time who doesn’t play Tennis. She saw the innovation behind what Babolat had achieved and appreciated it, regardless of having little to no interest in the sport.

The Babolat PLAY Pure Drive is one of the most exciting advances in Racquet technology. The sensor handle collects data based on your power, impact location, number of strokes, spin and type of stroke. You can then analyse the data via an app and even compare your data to others also using the app.

This is a great advance in technology for Tennis professionals at the height of their game with not much at fault to the human eye. You can’t fight against statistics and numbers when it comes to sport and I am sure we will start to see more and more people improving their game from the data the gather from the Babolat PLAY racquet.


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