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2016 In Statistics: Pinterest

Pinterest was launched in March 2010 by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann and to this day, is one of the most popular, and used social networks.

I wanted to give you a brief overview of various Pinterest statistics from 2016.

  • Pinterest has over 75 billion Pins and 1.5 billion boards

  • 80% of all Pinners access Pinterest via a mobile device

  • About 70% of Pinners are saving or clicking on Pins (not just visiting)

  • 3/4 of the content people Pin comes from businesses

  • The average amount per order that derives from Pinterest traffic is between $140 and $180

  • Pinterest Drives More Traffic to Publishers Than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit Combined

  • A Pinner who close-ups on a pin is 1.6x more likely to sign up or convert.

  • A Pinner who saves is 3.9x more likely to sign up and 1.6x more likely to convert.

  • A Pinner who clicks thru is 4.5x more likely to sign up and 7x more likely to convert.

  • 90% of users on Pinterest want to purchase.

A huge thank you to Global Media Insight, Viralwoot and Monica Eaton-Cardone for the statistics, and infographics.


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