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2016 In Statistics: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest B2B social network, and one that is used by millions of professionals worldwide.

I wanted to give you a brief overview of various LinkedIn statistics from 2016.

  • LinkedIn has more than 467 million users

  • 57% of all LinkedIn traffic is mobile

  • More than 1 million people use LinkedIn’s publishing platform, sharing over 130,000 posts each week

  • 71.5 % of LinkedIn users are located outside the U.S.

  • 56% of LinkedIn users are men and 44% are women

  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content

  • 57% of companies have a LinkedIn Company Page

  • 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions

  • 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day

  • You can increase your linkedIn views by 11 times by including a photo

  • 13% of LinkedIn users don’t have a Facebook account

  • 59% of Linkedin users don’t visit Twitter

A huge thank you to Global Media Insight, Viralwoot and Hootsuite for the statistics, and infographics.


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